Transformation of AMHCA

Transformation of AMHCA

Friday, June 23, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


The ultimate goal of the AMHCA’s Transformation Initiative is to produce meaningful improvements in AMHCA’s capacity to achieve its mission and serves its members and State Chapters, and justifies the effort required to implement that alternative.

The initial impetus for transformative change was instituted by a Presidential Ad Hoc committee entitled The 21st Century Committee, whose objectives were to:

• Examine AMHCA’s chapter system and its’ alignment with AMHCA National;

• Review the value and efficacy of AMHCA’s individual membership system;

• Identify strategies and mechanisms to improve the value proposition for members and state chapters;

• Identify resources and timeline needed to implement and monitor desired changes within

AMHCA’s system.

PHASE 1 - Assess

1. Consultation and recommendations from Mariner Management

2. Institute Presidential Ad Hoc committee - The AMHCA 21st Century Committee

3. Solicit Chapter feedback and input.

PHASE 2 - ReDesign

1. Institute Quality Improvement process which includes outcomes measurement to ensure the successful implementation of Strategic


2. Reconfigure current Conference & Leadership Model to align with AMHCA mission and Chapter and membership needs

3. Institute AMHCA Leadership Academy to build leadership

capacity in State Chapter and AMHCA

4. Revise Chapter Charters and Joint me dues membership model

PHASE 3 - Implement, Monitor & Adjust

1. Implement AMHCA Leadership Academy and revised AMHCA State Chapter Charter and Dues system

2. Use outcomes measurements, e.g. stakeholder surveys to monitor Strategic Plan implementation and gather feedback

3. Revise goals and processes as needed

4. Report findings and Strategic Plan progress in Annual Report


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Suzanne Walker