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Meet Dr. Christopher Siuta

Meet SBU Online’s Director of Counseling Education Programs Dr. Christopher Siuta

Find out more about St. Bonaventure University Online’s Masters in Counseling programs by hearing from the program director, Dr. Christopher Siuta. Dr. Siuta participated in a Q&A to discuss how he became interested in his discipline, how he balances being an educator and a practitioner, his unique specialty area of sports and exercise psychology and more. Read More

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    AMHCA Is Partnering with AAMFT, ABHW, ACA, CAMFT, and NCBH to Provide Medicare Coverage for Licensed Mental Health Counselors As you know, our country is experiencing a terrible crisis as thousands of Americans have become addicted to opioids. Congress is drafting legislation to combat this epidemic, but as they move this legislation forward, they have failed to fully protect Medicare beneficiaries. ...

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    By now you should have all heard that we are going to Orlando for the 2018 annual conference.  I can tell you as the conference date nears the excitement ...

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    Hello AMHCA Members

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    Hello AMHCA members, We have a lot of things happening at the national level and I can assure you that the Board and Staff are hard at work developing ...

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    Hello, Rose, you mentioned a  predetermination of non-coverage letter that could be used for all clients. Would you mind telling me how you get that? ...

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    I was able to get around this with one insurance, primarily because they were self-insured. I wrote them a detailed letter explaining why I could not ...

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    Michele gives an excellent analysis of the problem as it is now.  I also want to see the law changed to include us. And having lived under universal single-payer ...

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    Yes you can bill the secondary insurance if the insurance is not a medicare plan. I have never been paid even as a secondary for medicare claims as long ...

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    I used to bill insurance for a residential treatment center. This was a service not covered by Medicare, and therefore I could not bill Medicare and receive ...

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    We must remember that We Do Not Exist as far as Medicare is concerned. They do not need to respond as there is nothing to deny. We are not at the table ...

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