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Suggested Activities for Clinicians

The following suggested projects are designed to increase public awareness of NMHCW and the need for good mental health.

May 3
Get Ready! Spend today announcing to Facebook, Twitter and everyone who will listen that today starts the beginning of Mental Health Counseling Week sponsored by AMHCA. Use suggested posts below or just merely say thank you to your colleagues and clients who continue to inspire excellence in your practice.
Monday May 4 Candle Light Vigil. In your office - to highlight the impact of mental health on individuals and honor/remember those you have helped through their struggles. The purpose of the candle light vigil is to remind yourself of the importance and pride you take in excelling at being a counselor and helping others.
May 5
Social Media Blitz. Use Facebook, twitter, email, and other social media outlets to be utilized as a forum for discussion on mental health counselors and the issues of stigma in mental health. This year National Mental Health Counseling Week has a hashtag on Twitter to allow clients to say thank you to someone that has changed their life. Use #thankstoacounselor as much as possible today and keep checking the hashtag for wonderful words of thanks to all counselors.
Talking points include:
  • Awareness of Training Counselors Receive
  • How Counselors Help People
  • Supporting Mental Health in the Military
  • Feel free to direct people to AMHCA resources
May 6
Explain Mental Health Excellence in Practice to the Community. Share with the community information about how you can help them. Explain to a community event what you do and how you are able to help someone in need. Describe your qualifications and experience in order to show your excellence and then inform a community population how you are able to use your skills to better their lives.
May 7
Mental Health Awareness Walk. Virtual or live event? Walks can help bring awareness to a subject you are trying to discuss. For a virtual event you can just set up a Facebook page or group and ask that people take a walk this week or that day and send in a photo. For a live event, contact your city for permits for park or other locations for event. Participants will be solicited from the community, schools, churches, and other public locations.

Special interest participants such as parents of children with mental illness, persons living with mental illness, veterans with PTSD: encourage participation in speaking out and sharing their meaningful experiences with the public. Attendees are encouraged to wear green (the color for mental health). Reach out to local organizations to encourage community participation and support. During this event, provide literature on mental illness, living with mental illness, treatment options, and services providers. Create ribbons to pass out at local areas, such as workplace, schools, homes, hospitals, mental health facilities. This will create an opportunity to share information about mental illness and the field of counseling. Take time to address decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness. Encourage school and University participation.
May 8
Be the Best Counselor You can be!
  • Take a course without worrying about CEs. Enroll for a free one online or watch one of AMHCA’s past webinars for the sole purpose of learning something new.
  • Research a different way to treat an illness and see if there is any evidence based practice that coincides with that treatment.
May 9
Wrap up. Send photos and synopsis of events to the local papers, online news and media outlets, school websites, and any other outlet that may publish the message of public health awareness along with counselor resource materials. Always include AMHCA logo and information at every event, interview, articles, and discussion panel.