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277 Village Parkway
Helena, AL
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We treat children, adolescents and adults with behavioral issues, mood disorders, developmental and personality disorders. I work with parents to develop behavioral plans for their homes and families to supplement the therapy done with their children/adolescents in my office.
My graduate training dealt with adolescent male patients with behavioral problems, emotional intelligence deficiencies, sexual abuse history and suicidal gestures and ideation. I see many single parents struggling with their children at home or in school. I enjoy working with families, single parents and their children and prefer to "rule out" more than quickly diagnose.


University of Montevallo
Montevallo, Alabama, United States
Master's Degree in Education, 2012
Community/Agency Counseling
2010 To 2012

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Bachelor of Science, 2009
2007 To 2009

Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Bachelor of Arts, 2002
Public Speaking and Communication Arts
1997 To 2002
Dissertation: Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Hoping For Mr. Right (Study replicated on campus with permission from original authors).
Advisor: Amanda Borden Ph.D.

Professional Associations

American Counseling Association
2009 - Present

American Psychological Association
2007 - Present

Practice Areas

  • Adolescent
  • Disability
  • Family
  • Other
  • Trauma

Practice Type

  • Group
  • Private

Education Level

  • Master's

Job History

Pesek Counseling Services
Co-Owner / Founding Partner
Helena, AL, United States
April 2015 - present

Pesek Counseling Services
Licensed Professional Counselor
Helena, AL, United States
April 2015 - present

Years In Practice

  • 06-10