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Pesek Counseling Services
277 Village Parkway
Helena, AL
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Work: (205) 624-3076


We treat children, adolescents and adults with behavioral issues, mood disorders, developmental and personality disorders. I work with parents to develop behavioral plans for their homes and families to supplement the therapy done with their children/adolescents in my office.
My graduate training dealt with adolescent male patients with behavioral problems, emotional intelligence deficiencies, sexual abuse history and suicidal gestures and ideation. I see many single parents struggling with their children at home or in school. I enjoy working with families, single parents and their children and prefer to "rule out" more than quickly diagnose.

Practice Areas

  • Adolescent
  • Family
  • Other
  • Trauma

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  • Group
  • Private

Education Level

  • Master's

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Pesek Counseling Services
Business Owner
April 2015 - present

Pesek Counseling Services, LLC
Licensed Professional Counselor
April 2015 - present

Years In Practice

  • 03-05