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Advocate: November 2009
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After the Diagnosis

Clients facing an unwelcome medical diagnosis look to mental health counselors for help sorting out complicated and scary feelings during a highly stressful time. Gary R. McClain, PhD, LMHC, CEAP, tells how to help newly diagnosed clients prepare for the road ahead and move forward in their lives.
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AMHCA Lauds CCCL's Long FIght for Counselor Licensure

AMHCA's Julie A. Clements, JD, talks with the president of the California Coalition for Counselor Licensure about how the CCCL finally won the protracted fight for counselor licensure in California.
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Column: The President's Say

AMHCA President Linda Barclay observes that one of our primary tasks as mental health counselors is to foster resiliency in our clients. In a parallel fashion, as an association of mental health counselors, we need resilience to stay the course in advocating for appropriate mental health coverage for mental health counselors in healthcare reform.
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Legislative Update: AMHCA Enhances Push for LMHC Medicare Reimbursement in Senate Health Bill

AMHCA encourages its members to contact their Senators and Representatives to be sure they understand the importance of including Medicare coverage of licensed mental health counselors in their healthcare reform efforts.
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Legislative Update: Reps. Rooney and McMahon Introduce CARES Act, Which Would Give LMHCs Independence Under TRICARE

Legislation introduced in October would give TRICARE beneficiaries immediate access to licensed mental health counselors.
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Four Years After katrina, researchers Ask, "Why Did Some People Stay Behind?" * Mental Health Counselorw Are Eligible for Eli Lilly 'Welcome Back Awards' * Program Offers Military Members Free, Anonymous Mental Health Screenings * Updated AMHCA Leadership Directory Is Online * Panel Calls for Reform of Clinical Psychology Training Programs * AMHCA Expresses Condolences to Past President Victoria A. Sardi, PhD, LPC
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Student Corner: Counseling -- Based on Science, But an Art Form, Too

As scientifically based as psychotherapy is, we cannot deny the creative or artistic quality that must accompany the counseling process for it to be most effective.
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Reflections: Helping Our Clients Nurture Their Inner Child

Has your joie de vivre gone missing? Try reading "My Life in France," or watching "Julie & Julia"
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Chapter News: Maryland, Missouri, and Nevada

News from AMHCA state chapters in Maryland, Missouri, and Neva
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Counseling Tips: How Can We Help Our Clients When They Are Caught in Comparisons?

Genuine self-worth comes is never dependent on comparative judgments. We never feel inferior when we recognize the inherent worth of others; and likewise, we never feel superior when we recognize the equally inherent worth of ourselves.
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