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Webinar: Email Marketing In Private Practice: Converting Followers Into Clients

dedicated to helping private practice challenges private practice owners...on private practice owners by helping

 11-09-2018 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET

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Risk Prevention: Compliance with Ethical Standards and Best Practices

AMHCA And CPH & Associates partner up to bring you this fabulous webinar on risk prevention in your counseling practice. The presentation will cover the following topics: Distance counseling and the use of technology Forensic evaluations: risk prevention practices and recommended disclosures...

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Introduction to the new AMHCA Standards

This webinar will inform you about the release of the new 2015 AMHCA Standards for the Practice of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Earlier this year AMHCA formed a special Task Force on TeleMental Health of the AMHCA Advancement of Clinical Practice Committee (ACPC) with the goal of...

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Technology Assisted Counseling

This white paper provides recommendations for the use of technology assisted counseling (TAC) between clinical mental health counselors and clients. TAC can include the use of synchronous (telephone, videoconferencing, e-mail) and non-synchronous modalities (e-mail, chatting, texting, and fax). ...


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9 Ways to Build Your Practice

AMHCA past president Tom Ferro, LCPC, offers valuable guidance from decisions on getting started to developing a niche, from using the power of word of mouth to selecting a billing service, and from giving presentations to taking care of yourself. #PrivatePractice


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How to Become a Medicaid Mental Health Provider

Medicaid services are provided by a range of public and private health care professionals and organizations, the list of which varies from state to state. States have latitude in defining the types and qualifications of providers that may receive Medicaid reimbursement for delivering services....

How to Become a Medicaid Provider - FINAL.pdf

Massachusetts LMHC

no group or private practice allowed

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Understanding Suicide Prevention

This white paper is a preliminary look at the needs of persons at-risk for suicide or suicide attempts. Readers are encouraged to pursue the plentiful evidence-based practices and best practices that are reviewed in widely available publications and sites. It includes a list of "Top 10 Things to...