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Practice For Profit: Charge What You're Worth And Fill Your Appointment Book By Dropping Your Money Issues! 

10-17-2017 13:46

Do you feel uncomfortable, or even slimy, when you have to talk about money with your clients? Do you wonder why it's so hard to make a living in private practice? If either of these sound familiar to you, you might just have therapist money issues. Unhealthy beliefs about money can prevent you from earning the income you need and from helping your clients effectively deal with their own money issues.
Join me at this AMHCA webinar to learn: 
> How dealing with my own money issues allowed me to triple my income in just six months.
> Why as mental health counselors we MUST be talking about money instead of avoiding it. 
> Where your unhealthy money beliefs are coming from and what to do to about it!
> How to use your new, healthier perspective on money to benefit your clients. 


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