Submission Guidelines

Deadline: Presentations must be received in the online portal by November 17, 2021.
Required Content ─ Abstracts must include the following information, as indicated on the online form:
  • Primary Presenter Contact Information, including AMHCA Membership Category
  • Presentation Title (75 Characters Maximum)
  • Program Categories
  • Type of Presentation (Oral or Poster, Single or Multiple Presenters, Panel)
  • Level of Program: Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Contact Information for Co‐Presenters
  • CV/Resume for Each Presenter (to include all licenses and degrees)
  • Short Biography for Each Presenter (50 Words Maximum for Each Presenter)
  • Presentation Annotation (50 Words Maximum – for use in program, web, etc.)
  • Program Description to include:
    • Abstract to be used in conference program (400 Words Maximum, follow APA style requirements). Please describe your program in a way that engages potential attendees and clearly identifies what they will take away.
    • Learning Objectives: Please share 3 learning objectives from this presentation. Please focus on what attendees will be able to do after attending your presentation.
    • Supporting evidence
      • What is the evidence to support your proposal?
      • Does it rest on or extend an existing body of literature?
      • Does it show an innovative application of existing evidence?
      • Do you have any anecdotal or program evaluation data to support your claims?
      • Please briefly synthesize the evidence to justify the merit of your proposal.
    • Description of presentation format.
      • Provide a rough outline of what you will do during your session. For instance, will it be primarily didactic/lecture with questions at the end or more interactive with activities and questions throughout?
      • Be sure to connect the format with the type of presentation you selected and account for enough time matching your selected length.
    • Description of accompanying materials or handouts
    • How does your presentation address multicultural perspectives and elevate diversity?
    • How does your presentation align with conference theme of “Embracing the Possibilities: Connect. Innovate. Act.”
    • AV Needs: All rooms will have an LCD projector with screen. Any additional equipment (computers, phone/internet connections) MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE PRESENTER OR ARRANGED DIRECTLY WITH THE CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS AT THE PRESENTER’S EXPENSE
    • Agreement to all Terms & Conditions, including AMHCA Conference Disclosure Requirements
    • Presenters must also be prepared to answer the following questions:
      • Marketing: Are you selling or endorsing a product or service?
      • Commitment: Do you agree to register for the conference and be present for the presentation? Failure to register by December 13, 2021 may result in losing the privilege to present.
      • Audio Recording Release: Are you willing to have the session audio-recorded?
If any of this information is not included, the presentation will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.