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I am a bilingual and bicultural Milwaukee based counselor currently working at Shorehaven Behavioral Health in Brown Deer and Greenfield. I completed a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where I specialized in multicultural based client-centered Community Counseling. My practicum/internship was challenging and incredibly rewarding, working with runaway and troubled youth ages 11 to 17 at Walker's Point Youth and Family Services. I have also been a Pastoral Counselor / Spiritual Director for the past 17 years and have helped many walk their own paths towards health and wellness.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Master's of Science - Educational Psychology, 2016
Community Counseling

Professional Associations

American Association of Christian Counselors
2016 - Present

American Counseling Association
2015 - Present

National Latino Psychological Association
2015 - Present

South Carolina Counseling Association
2015 - Present

Wisconsin Counseling Association
2015 - Present

Practice Type

  • Educator
  • Group
  • Private

Education Level

  • Master's

Job History

Shorehaven Behavioral Health, Inc.
Outpatient Psychotherapist
Brown Deer, WI, United States
January 2017 - present

Old Catholic Churches International, Inc
Old Catholic Churches International, Inc.
WI, United States
August 2014 - present

Sacred Wandering / Sacred Path Practitioners
Mequon, WI, United States
January 2008 - present

Honors and Awards

National Certified Counselorg
National Board Certified Counselors (NCC)

Years In Practice

  • 03-05