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Introduction to the new AMHCA Code of Ethics 

03-08-2017 09:57

This webinar will inform you about the release of the new 2015 AMHCA Code of Ethics. The AMHCA Ethics Committee met this year to take a fresh look at the Code of Ethics to update key areas for clinical mental health counselors. Over the last year the committee has held several meetings to develop new content to address the needs of the profession on ethical issues. CMHC’s are committed to increasing knowledge of human behavior and understanding of themselves and others. AMHCA members are highly skilled professionals who provide a full range of counseling services in a variety of settings. Members believe in the dignity and worth of the individual and make every reasonable effort to protect human welfare. To this end, AMHCA establishes and promotes the highest professional standards. CMHC’s subscribe to and pledge to abide by the principles identified in the AMHCA Code of Ethics document.

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