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AMHCA Launches Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist Credential
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AMHCA Launches Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist Credential


Online applications are now being accepted from counselors who wish to qualify for the AMHCA Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist (DCMHS). AMHCA is the first association to recognize both advanced practice and professional clinical expertise in clinical mental health counseling.

To achieve the DCMHS credential, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. Demonstrate advanced clinical counseling proficiency beyond the level of full state licensing that is substantiated through documented certification and experience, and
  2. Demonstrate expertise as a specialist in one or more of the following specializations:
  •     Child and Adolescent Counseling 
  •     Couples Counseling 
  •     Developmental Disability Counseling 
  •     Family Counseling 
  •     Geriatric Counseling 
  •     Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders 
  •     Trauma Counseling

Increasingly, both the public and insurance providers are looking for qualified clinical mental health counselors who have acquired cutting-edge training and clinical abilities. Advanced practice clinical counselors with specialist skills are in increasing demand. The AMHCA Diplomate was developed over the course of two years and was approved by the AMHCA board of directors. This credential will not only enhance the stature of individual clinical mental health counselors but also will increase the prominence of our profession.

AMHCA expects that all clinical mental health counselors will aspire to be recognized for their professional accomplishments. Many of our members have already completed all of the requirements to qualify for this highest level of professional recognition. 
Review the DCMHS requirements and consider how you may qualify.

The first AMHCA Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist awardees will be recognized at the association’s upcoming Annual Conference, July 19–21, 2012, in Orlando.