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Case Study: Remote Monitoring Technology Meets Quality Addiction Treatment

Learn how Ayre Counseling implemented Soberlink, a real-time remote intervention solution that eliminated all issues of previous monitoring solutions.

One way to help reduce drinking behavior, decrease relapse rates, and improve overall outcomes of AUD treatment is through real-time intervention with alcohol monitoring. Ayre Counseling has been using Soberlink for about two years, and with it, has helped many clients reach their recovery goals. Read More

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    Years ago, I had a few weeks of back and forth friendly communication with a woman who was selling her counseling practice. ...

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    President Trump signed Economic Stimulus Package 3.5 into law on April 24, as the unemployment crisis deepened, a stark illustration ...

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    Please send proposals to me for consideration by our special guest editors. ------------------------------ Whitney Meyerhoeffer Director of Communications ...

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    Hello all, There was a small typo in the posted version of the Call for Articles. This one does not have the typo in it.  Deadline to submit a 300-500 ...

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    Hello all, My apologies! I believe I still had some 'conference-brain' going on when I uploaded the magazine. All the links are fixed now with the full ...

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    Hi, Jonique, welcome to Massachusetts.  We don't have LCPCs here.  We have LMHCs.   Our system is pretty strict.  Hours come in two batches: first you ...

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    Thanks for your comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback and even your draft statement via the link below. Also, send a direct message ...

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