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Counseling and Technology

Technology has altered the way that people live, and it has certainly changed the way that counselors practice

Technology has altered the way that people live, and it has certainly changed the way that counselors practice. From gaining the skills needed to work in the field to advocating for change to a global audience, technology and the internet has made it easier to engage. Five ways that technology is changing counseling practices are: Read More

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    AMHCA is pleased to join the National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH) and several other members of our Medicare Coalition to conduct a major briefing for Members of Congress and congressional staff on  March 15, 2018 . The briefing will focus on mental health and suicide among the elderly and how our Medicare legislation  (S. 1879/H.R. 3032)  can help address this critical-need population.  ...

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    Good afternoon, AMHCA members! We're pleased to inform you that our  2018 Annual Conference  will take place in sunny Orlando, Florida! The conference ...

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    Hello AMHCA Members

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    Hello AMHCA members, We have a lot of things happening at the national level and I can assure you that the Board and Staff are hard at work developing ...

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    Anything you offer or propose would be helpful. I'd suggest parenting skills presentations. Whatever approaches or resources you have will help. Triple ...

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    Hi everyone! I wanted to send a reminder that I am offering web-based test preparation courses in the NCE and NCMHCE on Friday and Saturday mornings in ...

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    Good Morning,  While reading, I came upon this article on potentially the future of Healthcare in the United States. While I am sure that all these ...

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    Two days ago  I commented here about the idea of counselors such as us interfacing with schools. Today -- mirabile dictu -- I was contacted by a staff ...

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    Well,  I watched the group discussion with the President, Vice President and Secretary of Education with survivors of the school shooting, parents of children ...

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    This is Bonnie Hendrickson again. My first message was sent before I finished... I'm wondering if anyone has approached the insurance commissioner with ...

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