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The Advocate

White House Observes Suicide  Prevention Month - Shared Effort called for to Help Prevent Suicide, Oct 2014

Sunshine Can Act as a Catalyst for Suicide, Oct 2014

Robin Williams' Suicide - Will It Lead to Needed Changes in Mental Health Treatment?, Sept 2014

Research Debunks Link Between Suicidal Behavior and ADHD Drugs, Jul/Aug 2014

Nearly 20% of Suicidal Youths Have Guns in Their Home, Jun 2013

Assault Linked to Increased Suicide Risk in Military, Apr 2013

Job Stress Contributes to Higher Rates of Physician Suicide, Apr 2013

Rate of Suicide By Hanging/Suffocating Doubles in Middle-Aged Men and Women, Jan 2013

Killing in War Linked with Suicidal Thoughts Among Vietnam Veterans, Jun 2012

Suicidal Risk Factors Identified for Pregnant Women and new Mothers, Mar 2012

About 40 Percent of Youth Make First Suicide Attempt Before High School, Dec 2011/Jan 2012

Legal Drinking Age Linked to Women's Risk of Suicide and Homicide, Dec 2011/Jan 2012

Public Pressure Affects Accuracy of Suicide Reporting, Sept 2011

The Journal of Mental Health Counseling

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