Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award

Purpose of the Award

The Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award is intended to be given to persons who spend 51% of their time in direct counseling with clients and relevant consultation activities. This award is intended to recognize an individual who has provided outstanding counseling service, including consultation, to the public.


  1. The nominee should have the endorsement of the state chapter.
  2. The nominee should have at least 3-5 years membership in AMHCA and should be a current member of AMHCA and the state chapter, if a state chapter exists.
  3. A nominator can only nominate one person annually.
  4. In the event of a tie, one additional award may be awarded.
  5. The criteria should include service to the profession through direct client service and should include positive attention generated to the field of mental health counseling through direct service to clients.
  6. Nominees may be private practitioners, or employed in agencies, institutions or colleges and universities, but the primary role must be that of direct service provider.

Procedure for Nomination

Any person who is a current member of AMHCA may make a nomination. Clarity of presentation and complete and specific documentation of the behaviors and/or incidents supporting this nomination will facilitate the committee's selection process.

Awards nominations window is open in Spring

2006-2007 Award Recipient

Dr. Judith A. Harrington

2010-2011 Award Recipient

Carol Daniels

2015-2016 Award Recipient

Aaron Norton

2019-2020 Award Recipient

Napoleon Harrington

2007-2008 Award Recipient

Anita Neuer

2011-2012 Award Recipient

Jason King

2016-2017 Award Recipient

Larue Bettis

2020-2021 Award Recipient

Dr. Keith Klostermann

2013-2014 Award Recipient

Liliana "Lili" Sznaidman

2008-2009 Award Recipient

Gary A. Williams


C. Rudy Guajardo III

2018-2019 Award Recipient

Joseph Kertez

2021-2022 Award Recipient

Dr. Katherine James