The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration

Declaring with Pride the Fundamental Values Held by Clinical Mental Health Counselors

What is The Clinical Mental health Counselor Declaration?

For centuries, physicians have been affirming their medical ethics through the Hippocratic Oath. Now, AMHCA members and  clinical mental health counselors (CMHCs) have their own statement of ethos—The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration—that expresses the profession's fundamental values.

The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration reflects the AMHCA Code of Ethics for Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors. It is a a shared affirmation of adherence to the comprehensive conditions of the Code of Ethics.

Why have a Declaration?

All CMHCs are encouraged to adhere to the values and ethics embodied in The Declaration. Those who seek AMHCA qualifications and certifications (INSERT LINK TO CREDENTIALS HERE) as part of their career advancement and recognition are presumed to understand and apply the components of The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration.

How can I use The Declaration?

The Declaration serves as a concise public statement of professional standards, values, and ideals. It is a voluntary pronouncement. If you desire, you are encouraged to display The Declaration in your office. It may also be used at graduations or for other appropriate occasions.

What is new in the 2021 updated version of The Declaration?

Two of the individual pledges have added a diversity category and now read (new words in italics):

  • Last pledge in the left column: I will recognize and address presumptions related to gender, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disease, ability, gender identity, creed, nationality, or any other factors so they will not interfere with my duties;
  • Last pledge in the right column: I will advocate for the betterment of others, for equality, inclusion, and the intrinsic dignity and the inherent rights of every person, and for the advancement of health and well-being.

Join AMHCA in Declaring with Pride the Values of a Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association President, Napoleon Harrington, proudly reads The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration created by AMHCA. Do you stand with him as a counselor? Make your own video and use the hashtags #AMHCA #CMHCDeclaration #MentalHealthCounselor.