AMHCA Code of Ethics


"AMHCA Code of Ethics" addresses CMHC's crucial concerns.

The "AMHCA Code of Ethics" focuses on the specific requirements for the ethical practice of clinical mental health counselors (CMHCs), and is divided into six sections:

  1. Commitment to Clients
  2. Commitment to Other Professionals
  3. Commitment to Students, Supervisees, and Employee Relationships
  4. Commitment to the Profession
  5. Commitment to the Public
  6. Resolution of Ethical Problems

The "AMHCA Code" is an essential component of practicing clinical mental health counseling with professionalism and integrity. While ethical guidance for the practice of clinical mental health counseling is its primary purpose, it is also intended to prompt pondering about ethical thinking and practice. To be an ethical mental health counselor is to practice thinking ethically in an ongoing self-deliberation and in discussions with other mental health professionals.



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