Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

Below is a listing of the wide range of personal and professional benefits available to you as an AMHCA member.

Membership Directory

Our member directory can be valuable in connecting you with other members and to the public.

AMHCA Communities for Networking, Collaborating and Discussions

Every member is automatically put into the Open Forum, join another community that is specific to your interests such as the: Graduate Student Community, Integrated Medicine Community, Military Culture and Veterans Community, Neuroscience Interest Network

Blogging Platform

Every member has the ability to have a blog on our platform. Share your expertise and experience with others.

Be a part of AMHCA governance.

Serve on a board, committee, task force or volunteer at one of our events.

Ethics Committee Consultation

AMHCA members may submit a question or concern to our ethics committee for review. Members can use this process for guidance and decision-making assistance.

Education and Advocacy

Continuing Education and Conferences

Earn continuing education credits and receive exclusive members-only discounts on webinars, conferences and home studies.

The Declaration and Professional Identity

AMHCA was the first association to recognize advanced professional expertise in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. AMHCA members and clinical mental health counselors have their own statement of ethos—The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration—that expresses the profession's fundamental values.

Federal and Nationwide Advocacy Efforts

Since its inception in 1976, AMHCA has taken a strong position on the need to advance the profession through high standards for counselors preparation-including the establishment of licensure, credentialing, and payment for services. AMHCA leaders' and members' efforts to advance this agenda for over 40 years has resulted in the rapid growth of clinical mental health counseling.

Certifications for Every Level of the Counseling Profession

AMHCA is the first association to recognize both advanced practice and professional expertise in clinical mental health counseling. We believe in the current climate advanced practice clinical counselors with specialist skills are in increasing demand. Both the public and insurance providers are looking for counselors who have acquired cutting-edge training and clinical abilities.

Practice Guides

AMHCA Practice Guidelines provide technical assistance, identify best practices and highlight lessons learned on successful positioning strategies for practitioners on a range of areas related to the delivery and financing of mental health services in the era of health care reform and implications on clinical practice.

AMHCA Publications

Journal of Mental Health Counseling

The quarterly Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC) provides clinical mental health counselors and researchers with practical knowledge and illuminating background from in-depth research on clinical studies and counseling practice. Published since 1978, JMHC articles address all aspects of practice, theory, professionalism, research, and neuroscience related to clinical mental health counseling.

The Advocate Magazine

The Advocate Magazine is a quarterly digital publication that primarily features in-depth articles invited from members and experts in the field of mental health counseling. These articles are designed to give readers ideas and tools for working with clients effectively or running their practice efficiently.

AMHCA Standards for the Practice of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Originally adopted in 1979, "AMHCA Standards" is a living document that is updated on a continuing basis by AMHCA's Advancement for Clinical Practice Committee to meet the needs of the public and the profession. In addition to standards of practice, it includes training and supervision standards.

AMHCA Code of Ethics

The "AMHCA Code" is an essential component of practicing clinical mental health counseling with professionalism and integrity. To be an ethical mental health counselor is to practice thinking ethically in an ongoing self-deliberation and in discussions with other mental health professionals.

Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession

Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession is an AMHCA foundational publication that offers an inside view of a profession that makes a unique impact on improving wellness and well-being. With the public’s growing awareness that physical wellness is integrated with mental and emotional well-being, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors are distinctly effective in contributing to overall health.

AMHCA Member Discounts

Take advantage of the discounts offered on brand-name products that offer services such as health services discounts, website platforms, directory services, and much more!