Outstanding Community Service Award


The Outstanding Community service Award honors the outstanding commitment and service by an AMHCA member at the local level to his/her community. Specifically, community service addresses the issues of the counseling profession and stimulates future service to promote the well-being of the profession.



  1. Nominees may be nominated who have significantly impacted the public, community and enhanced the profession through service to AMHCA and the mental health counseling profession.
  2. Nominees may be nominated for time given to community service projects, disaster relief efforts, or projects that directly aid clients and the community.


Any person who is a current member of AMHCA may make a nomination. Complete and specific documentation of the behaviors and/or incidents supporting this nomination will facilitate the committee's selection process.

Awards nominations window is open in Spring

2006-2007 Award Recipient

Dr. Irene McIntosh

2012-2013 Award Recipient

Barbara Melton

2008-2009 Award Recipient

Carolyn Khan

2013-2014 Award Recipient

Ellsworth "Tony" Williams

2011-2012 Award Recipient

Kay Arnold

2014-2015 Award Recipient

Cindy Sneed