Researcher of the Year Award

Purpose of the Award

Intended to honor and recognize high quality research in the area of mental health counseling.


    1. Nominees may be nominated for a single piece of research published after January of the year prior to the award presentation or for thematic research consisting of several research studies published since January1, 1988.
    2. The work for which the member is being nominated must be clearly related to the discipline of mental health counseling.
    3. The work must have been published in a professional journal, preferably the Journal of Mental HealthCounseling.
    4. There are no work restrictions for this award.
    5. Nominees should not be members of the AMHCA board nor have any connection to the Academy ofClinical Mental Health Counselors on NBCC

    Procedure for Nomination

    Any person who is a current member of AMHCA may make a nomination. Clarity of presentation and complete and specific documentation of the behaviors and/or incidents supporting this nomination will facilitate the committee's selection process.

    Awards nominations window is open in Spring

    2019-2020 Award Recipient

    Raissa Miller