Marianne Marlow


Marianne Marlow, MA, LMCA, CDFW. ACHt


Professionally, before becoming a clinical mental health counselor, I worked in human resources and organizational development in the largest technology companies in the Pacific Northwest. Working at Sony, Microsoft, Expedia, Google, and Facebook in both a consulting and coaching capacity enabled me to understand the most important skill that I have taken into my counseling practice, discerned listening. Coaching the executives of those companies gave me the understanding and experience to ask the important questions about how to advance and maintain a viable culture as well as advance a financial structure to meet the goals of an organization.


As the secretary of the Washington Mental Health Counselor Association from 2013 – 2018, I have a great deal of record keeping and by-laws interpretation experience. Additionally, the record of the organization kept by the secretary is an important part of continuing the development of a non-profit supporting the profession of clinical mental health counselors in the state. 

My goal as secretary of AMHCA would be to support the board and members by creating a system of records of the organization as well as advance the objectives of the membership for sustainability and expansion of professional innovation by supporting legislation and developing new lines of revenue.