Strategic Plan

The AMHCA Strategic Plan is an evolving document that provides consistency in organizational planning and growth. All members of AMHCA, elected officials, staff, and other stakeholders have a role to play and share in the responsibility for progress towards these strategic goals.

AMHCA Strategic Plan

The guiding document that helps the board, committees and staff steer the organization. The plan aligns the mission of the organization with specific goals that the governing body is tasked with. This assists the organization in maintaining focus on priorities and improvement.


Mission Statement

To advance the profession of clinical mental health counseling by setting the standard for:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Advocacy
  3. Research
  4. Ethical Practice
  5. Education, Training, and Professional Development Vision and objectives

2019-2020 Vision and Objectives - Target Completion by June 30, 2020

Each year, the incoming President casts a vision for each component of the mission statement that aligns with the strategic plan. This year, the President’s vision to advance the profession of clinical mental health counseling by setting the standard for each component of the mission statement is listed below:


We will be one mutually beneficial organization with a redefined model for the local, state, and national AMHCA operational structure.


We will have Medicare provider status legislation passed, at least one interstate compact drafted, and at least one state will have endorsed a portability plan.


We will have new research underway to understand and evaluate the practice of clinical mental health counseling in an ever-changing health care landscape

Ethical Practice

We will have an ethical code that is recognized by more states and stronger than ever by being responsive to contemporary trends, delivery systems, and socio-cultural factors.

Education, Training, and Professional Development

We will elevate specialty practice in counselor education and expand the influence of CMHCs in interdisciplinary training venues.

Annual Critical Success Factors

  1. A 3% net growth in membership
  2. Retention rate remains at or above 80% members
  3. Close Asset to Liability Ratio Gap by 10%
  4. Add 10% to operating reserves annually
  5. Run an annual conference that is affordable and profitable
  6. Consistently upgrade infrastructure and expand staff to meet strategic goals
  7. Review and revise Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics
  8. Hold 12 continuing education webinars
  9. Award 50 CMHS, Diplomates, or Fellows
  10. Identify 1 new member benefit
  11. Identify 1 new fundraising opportunity
  12. Identify a diverse slate of candidates for officers
  13. An active AMHCA chapter in every state, district, and territory.
  14. 100% of State Chapters complete annual report
  15. Full and active committees
  16. Completed Annual Report and Revision to Ongoing Strategic Plan
  17. Maintain an open and click rate in email marketing at or above the industry average