Licensure Portability


The National Portability Taskforce

Counseling regulatory boards will determine the future of license portability for counselors. With the recent progress toward a counseling interstate compact, creating uniform standards across state lines has never been more important or more possible. The four organizations which comprise the National Portability Taskforce, AASCB, ACES, AMHCA, and NBCC are dedicated to serving licensing boards by continuing to seek an endorsement process that protects the public and increases access to care.

Revision After Feedback

In April of 2017, the National Portability Taskforce released NCLEP 1.0 and received a positive response. Since that time, the taskforce has continued its work to ensure portability of licensure is a reality for all counselors. By listening to feedback from state boards, practicing counselors, and legislators, we understand that the challenges surrounding portability have changed. Consequently, we have worked together to create NCLEP 2.0.

Benefits Mental Health Consumers

State Counseling Board laws and regulations are aimed at aimed at protecting the public by setting basic standards of qualification, education, training, experience, and professional competence for persons who engage in the practice of these professional services. We recognize that no portability process is a “silver bullet” that resolves all concerns related to portability. Each state has different needs and we believe NCLEP 2.0 can be a starting point to address these needs, limit administrative overhead, and protect the public. Our portability process will significantly benefit mental health consumers by increasing access to services and by creating a vibrant workforce of licensed counselors during a time of changing regulatory standards and an increasing need for united advocacy efforts.

Committed to Licensure Portability

Taking the steps to improve portability will protect the public and add to the strategies through which licensed professional counselors across the country may provide critical services, while at the same time creating a network of reciprocal relationships across the country. Our hope is that NCLEP 2.0 is reflective of the new portability landscape in a way that best meets the needs of state boards. We remain committed to listening to the wishes and concerns of state boards to ensure true licensure portability becomes a reality.