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Minding Your Own Business? Mindfulness Decreases Prosocial Behavior for Those With Independent Self-Construals

By Kathleen McCarthy posted 08-24-2021 17:51


“Mindfulness appears to promote individual well-being, but its interpersonal effects are less clear,” according to two studies in adult populations that “tested whether the effects of mindfulness on prosocial behavior differ by self-construals. In Study 1 ... a brief mindfulness induction, compared to a meditation control, led to decreased prosocial behavior among people with relatively independent self-construals, but had the opposite effect among those with relatively interdependent self-construals. ... The effects of mindfulness on prosocial behavior appear to depend on individuals’ broader social goals. This may have implications for the increasing popularity of mindfulness training around the world.”

SOURCE: PsyArXiv, April 9, 2021, and PsyPost, July 16, 2021, by Michael J. Poulin, et al. and



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