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Study Suggests Parental Warmth Protects Troubled Teens 
From Psychopathic Features and Antisocial Behavior

By Kathleen McCarthy posted 08-24-2021 17:59


“New research indicates that parental warmth may protect against development of psychopathic traits in troubled adolescents, which may lower the risk of future criminal activity. … The researchers examined data from the Pathways to Desistance study, a longitudinal study of juvenile offenders. The study included 1,354 youths who were charged with serious crimes in Maricopa County, Arizona and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The mostly male youth completed various psychological assessments eight times over the course of four and a half years.”

SOURCE: PsyPost article, April 14, 2021, by Eric W. Dolan, based on a study in the Journal of Child and Family Studies.



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