February 9, 2007: AMHCA Hosted an "Open Dialog" between DCMHCA, NVLPC, VACC, and LCPCM

By Whitney Meyerhoeffer posted 02-07-2007 00:00

On February 9, 2007 AMHCA was pleased to host an "Open Dialog" between DCMHCA, NVLPC, VACC, and LCPCM. AMHCA is committed to the success and the growth of the mental health counseling profession and the AMHCA State Chapters.

The meeting agenda included reports from the chapters, the AMHCA Leadership Training and Annual Conference in New Orleans, July 26-28, 2007, membership questions on how to increase chapter membership, information about regional conferences, state legislative activities, and how successful chapters can help others to achieve their goals.

The representatives from all three chapters included Dr. Lancaster-Short (DCMHCA), Tracy Bushkoff (NVLPC), Ed Navis (VACC) and Michael Cardaci (LCPCM). They would like to start a new tradition and meet at the AMHCA's national office annually. AMHCA and chapter leaders believe that the next meeting would become a forum where experience, expertise, ideas and concerns about chapter issues and the national legislative agenda would be shared.