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AMHCA Releases Major Publication Promoting the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession

By Whitney Meyerhoeffer posted 03-09-2020 18:21


New Resource Guide Also Describes Launch of Career Development Recognition Excellence Program

Alexandria, VA –
The American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) announced today the release of a major publication -- “Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession,” offering an inside view of a profession that makes a unique impact on improving both wellness and well-being. Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (LCMHCs) are distinctly contributing to the public’s growing awareness that physical wellness is integrated with mental and emotional well-being.


AMHCA supports LCMHCs and is dedicated to advancing the clinical mental health counseling profession through professional development, educational publications, continuing education and training, career guidance, standards of practice, research, advocacy, and other resources such as networking opportunities.


“Essentials defines the unique characteristics of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors who promote total health as they help individuals, couples, families and communities,” said Eric T. Beeson, Ph.D., AMHCA President.


Essentials is the single source guide for the profession. The book includes the specifics of career development, credentialing levels, the standards of ethical practice, professional knowledge and skills, and a comprehensive compendium of this unique profession.


“If you’d like to gain a greater understanding of the clinical mental health counseling profession, Essentials is your resource,” Dr. Beeson highlighted.


This book outlines all of the key components of the clinical mental health counseling profession. It provides a unified vision for improving individual, family, and community well-being. AMHCA created Essentials to:

  • Provide career guidance to all individuals who have chosen to become licensed in clinical mental health counseling.
  • Offer information for those who may consider a vocation in clinical mental health counseling.
  • Inform members of the public about the profession of clinical mental health counseling.
  • Explain the distinctive characteristics of the profession to those in government, health services, and other allied associations, organizations, and stakeholders.


Dr. Beeson added, “this book serves as a source document that describes the values of the profession as well as the characteristics that define the unique identity and practice of licensed clinical mental health counselors (LCMHCs), regardless of state licensure designation, and establish LCMHCs as independent providers in the broader mental health and health care professions” LCMHCs critically affect public health on a broader scale throughout the United States. Essentials highlights some of the ways the profession addresses shared concerns about health care, the economy, and our local and national communities.” For members of the profession, “It’s about promoting the health and well-being of all we serve,” he concluded.


The first edition of “Essentials” is now available from, as either a paperback book ($19.95), or an e-book ($12.95). For more information, visit



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