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Angele Moss-Baker Becomes First African-American Woman President of AMHCA

By Whitney Meyerhoeffer posted 09-08-2020 16:02


Angele Moss-Baker is the first Black Woman to become President of the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) in its 44-year history.

She is the owner of Comprehensive Addiction & Psychological Services LLC, in Washington D.C.  

Angele is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Master Addiction Counselor, Employee Assistance Counselor-C, and holds the Diplomate, Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders.   She has over 25 years of experience providing behavioral health treatment services to diverse populations. 


Moss-Baker will focus on strategy and work to address the incredible challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic and structural and systemic racism present to our society and mental health care.  Many clinical mental health counselors are trying to transform their practices to address these new challenges.


“It is my honor to represent the thousands of clinical mental health counselors at the forefront of discussions when policymaker and mental health stakeholders search for practical solutions to the challenges in our nation’s mental health system. I am committed to do whatever I can to address the needs and promote the interests of clinical mental health counselors around the country,” Moss-Baker said.  “I will listen and serve as your liaison to open doors and make tough decisions for the enrichment of AMHCA and its membership as a whole.”

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