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AMHCA Statement Regarding the Recent Events in Ukraine

By Whitney Meyerhoeffer posted 03-04-2022 17:10


As proponents of civil rights and social justice for humankind, AMHCA denounces the violence erupting from the invasion in Ukraine. Unfortunately, lives have been lost and many injured or left homeless. Widespread mourning is evident and some people have encountered barriers in seeking safety. Ukrainian families, adults, and children have been displaced at the same time as the world continues to be traumatized during the COVID-19 pandemic.


It is expected that these events will have long-term effects on the people of Ukraine as well as on Russians and many others around the world. The mental health of the Ukrainians undoubtedly has been affected despite their resiliency. While the Ukrainian people have shown immense strength and resilience during this time, these events will have a long-lasting impact on their physical, spiritual, and mental health. AMHCA joins many other organizations in calling for an end to the violent and senseless attacks.


AMHCA will continue to show support and advocate for peace and hope in the midst of this humanitarian crisis. If you desire to make a contribution in support of the people of Ukraine, consider reviewing the organizations listed below. Additionally, AMHCA is dedicated to advocating for self-care on behalf of all Clinical Mental Health Counselors worldwide.  Please find spaces for you and your families to experience peace and process the events that have transpired. 


Thanks to each of you for your continued role in promoting social justice and answering the call to social action.


Dr. Beverly Smith

President and Interim CEO, American Mental Health Counselors Association



Humanitarian Organizations:



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