Are We OK? Potential Impacts of Telehealth Structural Changes on Clinician Wellness

Are We OK? Potential Impacts of Telehealth Structural Changes on Clinician Wellness

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When:  May 15, 2024 from 09:00 to 10:30 (PT)

Though the era of COVID was not the origin of telehealth, licensed mental health providers across the country were forced to shift to this treatment modality in COVID, regardless of preference or personal beliefs around the efficacy of this modality. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, we can look back on where we have been, and cast a vision for where we are going as a mental health counseling field. In reflection, then, what have been the impacts of the structural changes (e.g. transitions to home offices, not sharing physical space with clients, changes in commutes and other lifestyle changes, etc.) on clinician’s reported sense of health and wellbeing? How does telehealth practice contribute to or detract from clinicians’ self-care? What are the benefits, and what susceptibilities (potential areas for impairment) increase?

Join us as we share our research team’s engagement around this topic. We will provide a review of the literature that is pertinent to clinician wellness and to telehealth practice. We will expose gaps in the literature, especially related to how the structural changes associated with telehealth practice impact clinician wellness. We will offer themes that have emerged in our interactions with research participants and other licensed mental health providers. We will also walk through the current status of our research project intended to contribute to the extant literature, given the dearth of resources currently available there. Potential impact(s) and points of consideration will be offered as well.


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Shannon Thompson