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Online Education and Training for Clinical Mental Health Counselors

St. Bonaventure University offers an online, CACREP-accredited program that is ideal for working professionals.

To pursue a career as a clinical mental health counselor, you will need the right education, training, and credentials to make your dream a reality. With online education, you can achieve the educational requirements needed to become a clinical mental health counselor at your own pace. Read More

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    As with most things, marketing strategies change over time—or, at least, effective marketing strategies do. Last year, I wrote about very different tips for marketing your counseling practice. Now, I present you with several important changes to effective marketing for your business: Should I dedicate time and effort to getting and maintaining a website?      For 15 years I’ve been telling ...

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    Hello everyone! At this year's conference, I had many wonderful conversations about AMHCA's history, current status, and future trajectory. Out of these ...

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    I couldn't agree more, Jim.  I'm feeling so grateful for the AMHCA staff, board, committee chairs and members, presenters, and all the attendees at this ...

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    So here’s my bigger question..., why in the world is a paper copy being printed out from and electronic medical record?! That was the most secure place ...

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    Your appreciation statement is acknowledged,Doc, and thanks for representing AMHCA Ellson ------Original Message------ Let me first thank the AMHCA ...

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    In the client notes, you can chart that you reviewed the HIPPA information, and also chart anyone who you consulted with about HIPPA. ------Original ...

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    Hello! I used to work in a medical clinic also (I now work in a counseling center). My notes (progress notes) also went into the medical record (Cerner) ...

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    RE: access to notes

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    I understand the basic HIPAA as provided. I should have added that this was a minor child, and I believe that I am to exercise PROFESSIONAL JUDGEMENT as ...

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    Oops 43 years not 46 years. I confused years married with years AMHCA has been in existence.  But you get what I meant :-) ------------------------------ ...