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    The past year saw the word “unprecedented” thrown around a lot, and rightly so. In the transition to virtual programming, ...

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    I agree, Laurie. Bringing in the cultural context allows us to see a bigger frame which may be supporting a client's presenting symptoms. In my specialty ...

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    Hi Everyone! My name is Alix and I will be graduating from Boston University School of Medicine's Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine ...

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    Dear AMHC Community, Western Michigan University has an Assistant Professor Tenure Track position open in Counselor Education. Our department is committed ...

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    RE: apolitical?

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    Yes!  I see it as victim-blaming if we see everything as a diagnosis, without the cultural context. ------------------------------ Laurie Thornton Providence ...

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    Good morning fellow Mental Health Counselors,    I'm Christian J. Dean, Ph.D. and along with my colleague,   Matt   Gamble, M.A., would like ...

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