Clinical Membership with AMHCA

Enjoy the full benefits of a membership and the largest discounts on AMHCA events.

A clinical membership certifies that they meet the following standards: hold at least a master's degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in counseling services or a related area that covers the basic principles of mental health counseling; work or are actively seeking to work in a setting where time is spent in direct delivery of counseling services; and are licensed/certified in their state or hold appropriate clinical mental health counseling credentials.

Clinical and regular members and those retired from regular memberships are voting members.


A clinical membership is $183.



Get the latest information about recognition under Medicare, standardization, portability and the changing healthcare industry. Reap the benefits of AMHCA's growing collaborative relationships with professional organizations, government agencies and consumer groups.

Enhance your professional development and strategic position with our career guidance, certifications that are tailored for every level of your career and job transitions.

Earn continuing education credits and receive exclusive members-only discounts on webinars, conferences and home studies.

Build a community of peers! Join one of the many online discussion groups to exchange ideas with other clinical mental health professionals about your daily challenges and solutions.

Take advantage of the discounts offered on brand-name products that offer services such as health services discounts, website platforms, directory services, and much more!

Quarterly digital publications of the Journal of Mental Health Counseling and The Advocate Magazine, with members-only exclusive access to the entire digital library of both.

Additional resources include our ethics committee consultation service, practice guidelines, resources and opportunities.

Affiliated Chapter Membership

AMHCA works closely with our affiliated chapters to further the profession and grow as organizations that represent clinical mental health counselors in professional and educational needs. Some affiliated chapters participate in a unified dues program in which you can join both AMHCA and the chapter and save money on both memberships. Chapter membership with affiliated chapters that do not participate in the unified dues program are in addition to the AMHCA membership. Learn more about our affiliated chapters.