TeleHealth Certification Institute

The Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC, delivers comprehensive telehealth training and consultation services to a global network of healthcare organizations and professionals.


Through TCI’s online CE marketplace of over 125 courses (including the popular TeleMental Health Training Certificate program), over 35,000 providers have been trained on essential telehealth competencies. The Telehealth Certification Institute has proudly equipped healthcare clinicians, educators, and medical practitioners to serve their communities, increasing patient access, and provider flexibility.


The Telehealth Certification Institute offers a CE marketplace of over 160 courses (and counting) on topics relevant to all behavioral health clinicians including Cultural Competence and Telehealth, Exploring the Ethics of Mandated Reporting, Engaging BIPOC Communities Effectively Using Telehealth, the Role of Race and Implicit Bias in Schools, Alleviating Secondary Trauma, and MORE. Check back regularly for ongoing *FREE* webinars and updated, crisis-focused content!



Clients are relying on telehealth more than ever before to access critical mental health services. The TeleMental Health Training Certificate (THTC) is an evidence-based, comprehensive training that prepares clinicians to provide behavioral health services via telehealth while remaining ethically and legally compliant. Register for the self-study to earn your THTC today!

You are already helping your clients navigate a challenging world…ensuring your annual CE hours are helpful/ applicable to YOUR unique practice shouldn’t be stressful! The Telehealth Certification Institute offers a discounted annual subscription plan that includes popular courses such as TeleMental Health Best Practices, Integrative Behavioral Health, The Art of Family (Tele)therapy, Crisis Call Skills, Identifying Compassion Fatigue, Racial and Cultural Diversity, and more. Courses in the subscription plan also feature content from the last two nationwide TeleMental Health Summits. Find out more and visit us…earning your annual CEs has never been easier!

The AAT-I Program (seven self-paced courses and a 3-day intensive) teaches you how to be co-therapists in a triadic relationship with animals to accelerate transformation via the mind, body, spirit connection. The AAT-I program is designed for licensed/certified professionals to learn how to utilize Animal-Assisted Interventions ethically and intentionally!

As a benefit to our members, you will receive 10% off all TCI courses using the following coupon code: AMHCA10