Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensed for Independent Practice


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Certification - Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensed for Independent Practice

Who is this credential for?

This certification is for those who have completed all of the licensing requirements as defined by the respective state and awarded the license to practice independently.

What does this credential represent?

The AMHCA Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensed for Independent Practice certification signifies that a person appreciates that it is crucial for them to apply the concepts they have learned throughout their careers. They recognize the need for continuing development of professional expertise as their career advances.

Successful applicants will be awarded a certificate.

Are the AMHCA credentials the same as a state license?

No, a state mental health counselor license is issued to regulate the practice of counseling and protect the public. A state mental health counseling license is issued by and useful only in the jurisdiction where the holder plans to practice. An AMHCA credential/specialty certification signifies that the holder has met the highest standards developed in the clinical mental health counseling profession nationally in addition to having experience and supervision working with certain populations. All holders of AMHCA credentials agree to adhere to the AMHCA Code of Ethics and AMHCA Standards for Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as standards for clinical mental health practice.


$75 (digital and print certificate)

$45 (digital and print certificate)


Valid for 2 years from issue date

Complete Requirements

Be a Clinical or Regular member of AMHCA.

If not previously accomplished in Phase 2: Clinical Mental Health Counselor Under Supervision, applicants are required to review all of the chapters in Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession and pass the online, multiple-choice, 20 question, open book exam covering:

  • The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Declaration
  • Phases of Career Development
  • History of the Profession
  • AMHCA Code of Ethics
  • AMHCA Standards for the Practice of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Upload a copy of their current license indicating their status.

Complete application and pay fee.

An AMHCA Clinical or Regular membership is required to apply for one of our advanced credentialing certifications. Not yet a member? Great news!

You can pay our special non-member rate which includes a year of membership. 

Digital and Print Certificate ($75)

Digital and Framed Plaque Certificate ($120)