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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled" (Plutarch)

I believe learning is about providing an experience through which people can activate their previous experience and expertise, enhance their self-concept, develop autonomous learning skills, find a reason to learn, build intrinsic motivation, and actively reflect. As we reflect, this awareness compels us to act.

As Paulo Freire (1970/2005) once said, “…reflection—true reflection—leads to action” (p. 66).

One way that I take action is through research.

My current research interests include:

• Sense of community in online education.
• Neuroscience-informed cognitive behavioral therapy.
• Ally training programs.
• Neuromyths and neuroscience knowledge among helping professionals and educators.
• Intervention for cancer-caregivers.
• Attitudes towards suicide.
• Infusing the Research Domain Criteria in counseling research.

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  • Educator
  • Other

Job History

The Family Institute at Northwestern University
Core Faculty
July 2015 - present