AMHCA Resources

AMHCA Resources

The platforms we have established over the last three years have created a strong sense of community. And especially at this time, we will continue to leverage new technologies in the digital meeting environment to bring timely, credible information to our members.  Our job -- and why we ultimately exist -- is to create a strong sense of community, to inform, and to inspire.  We will need to build more virtual spaces that are purpose-driven and can replicate aspects on information-sharing, behavioral health marketplace learning, and peer connections.

We have established several new platforms and forums where our members can find relevant information and exchange views and share content on best practices, tools, methods, and strategies to thrive in today’s environment.  I appreciate the full scope and advantages of our on-line discussion groups and communities and other communication vehicles.  In a way we have set up informal “virtual support teams” “roundtables” and “cross-segment working groups” by the very nature of these platforms that have expertise in specific areas, and can be accessed by all members to provide problem-solving information and experience.  These platforms will become even more valuable to exchange information not only on practice and advocacy initiatives, but on societal issues as well.

Continue to share and tag (use hashtags #Coronavirus, #Telemedicine, #Telehealth) the resources you share so the entire membership can benefit.

For AMHCA it is not just about stability, but reliability.

Reliable information and trust are the ingredients to develop reputation, and allow for the long-term relationships we hope to establish with our members and strategic positioning as a profession and toward policy-makers and other stakeholders.

Coronavirus Resources

"Clinical mental health counselors are always working for the betterment of mental health and well-being – and the total health of individuals and employ leadership, advocacy, and collaborative skills to promote systemic changes for improved public health.  Never have you been needed more. You are all a treasured American resource." Read Joel Miller's Message