Telehealth Resources

Telemental health and online mental health services and resources will be particularly critical given the possibility that significant populations may be quarantined or otherwise isolated in ways that could interrupt the availability of in-person services.

As mental health counselors transition to providing more telemental health services to clients we appreciate those members who have shared resources such as forms and technology reviews.

Continue to share and tag (use hashtags #Telementalhealth, #Telemedicine, #Telehealth) the resources you share so the entire membership can benefit.

We do want to highlight that these forms may need additional provisions as individual states could have more strict standards. It is the responsibility of members to search the requirements of your state.
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    "Clinical mental health counselors are always working for the betterment of mental health and well-being – and the total health of individuals and employ leadership, advocacy, and collaborative skills to promote systemic changes for improved public health.  Never have you been needed more. You are all a treasured American resource." Read Joel Miller's Message

    National Counselor Licensure Portability

    One of the many factors complicating clinical mental health counseling work in the current COVID-19 situation is cross-jurisdictional licensure. For more about AMHCA's efforts and the latest updates go to the thread on the Open Forum “Updates on States Offering Licensure Portability During COVID-19 Pandemic.” 

    Learn more about our portability efforts.