2020 Fall Summit

The AMHCA Summit on “Integrating Cultural Competency Skills into Your Practice” provided several presentations on better understanding the origins and dynamics of cultural diversity, and how to address several problems through cultural humility, cultural opportunities, and cultural comfort into your daily practice. Attendees learned hands-on strategies for increasing multi-cultural competencies in your work with clients and improving your overall counseling effectiveness.
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The Advocate Magazine

The Summer 2020 Edition of the Magazine had a special focus on Diversity & Justice with guest editors Angele Moss-Baker and Dr. Beverly Smith. Articles in this issue include:

Member Reflections: CMHCs can help Black clients through pain and suffering -by @Napoleon Harrington
Counseling Tips: Improving cultural competence for behavioral health professionals
Promoting Sanity in Insane Times -by Dr. Courtland Lee
Facilitating Difficult Conversations About Power, Race, and Privilege -by Dr. Fredrick B. Dombrowski​​​​​​​​​
Microaggressions as a Mental Health Concern. What is our role? -by Dr. Elisa Niles
Police Violence, Racial Injustice, and Police Burnout in the Aftermath of George Floyd's Death -by Dr. Norman Hoffman, @Ekom Essien and @Aaron Norton

Congress Passes Historic Mental Health Counseling Medicare Legislation
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Owning Our Voice, Sharing Our Voice
Mental Health Disorders Are Soaring Dramatically This Year: AMHCA Releases New "Beyond a Perfect Storm Report Documenting the Trend
Licensure Portability-A Path Forward
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The magazine continues to cultivate and promote diversity in our upcoming articles.

Journal of Mental Health Counseling

In Fall 2020 the Journal of Mental Health Counseling sought manuscripts for a special issue that focuses on how mental health counselors are engaging in and cultivating social change. Social change is conceptualized as a direct response to injustice through transformative counseling practice, interventions focused on equity, advocacy, and political activism. This special issue is expected to be out in Summer 2021.