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Study Suggests Parental Warmth Protects Troubled Teens 
From Psychopathic Features and Antisocial Behavior

“New research indicates that parental warmth may protect against development of psychopathic traits in troubled adolescents, which may lower the risk of future criminal activity. … The researchers examined data from the Pathways to Desistance study, a longitudinal study of juvenile offenders....

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Last Year Was Brutal for Mental Health—for LGBTQ Youth, It Was a Crisis

“Throughout the last year, Jacqueline Gomez harbored doubts that she or her loved ones would make it out of 2020 alive. An 18-year-old high school senior living in Nebraska, Gomez’s daily routine was turned upside down by the pandemic. She found herself particularly distraught by the news. … The...

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Home Study: Trauma Linking to Suicide Ideation in K-12 Population

**Previously Recorded on 3/10/2021 - Not a Live Event** Trauma Linking to Suicide Ideation in K-12 Population: How Can Counselors and Educators Address the Pain Experienced by Youth Children or adolescents who witness or experience various traumas risk developing psychological and...