Dr. Linda Seligman Counselor Educator of the Year Award

Purpose of the Award

Intended to be given to persons who spend 51% of their time in academic pursuits; teaching, training, consulting, supervising, researching or program development. This award is intended to recognize outstanding and humanitarian service to others in one of the above categories.


  1. The nominee may qualify for this award by outstanding and innovative program development in the mental health counseling field.
  2. The mentoring and encouraging of others to enter the field of mental health counseling shall be an important criteria for any nominee in this category.
  3. The nominee shall possess the qualities of humanitarian and altruistic giving to individuals as opposed to giving to the profession.
  4. Criteria may include volunteer time in service to others who might enter the profession.
  5. Nominees may come from any level: university, community college or public schools. Supervision may also be for unlicensed counselors or others counselors in training.
  6. Individuals inspired to enter the mental health counseling field by the nominee shall be part of the nomination and recommendation process.
  7. Letters of support from supervisees or mentees must be part of the nomination process for this award.

Procedure for Nomination

Any person who is a current member of AMHCA may make a nomination. Clarity of presentation and complete and specific documentation of the behaviors and/or incidents supporting this nomination will facilitate the committee's selection process.

Awards nominations window is open in Spring

2006-2007 Award Recipient

Dr. Linda Seligman

2012-2013 Award Recipient

Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin

2015-2016 Award Recipient

Angele Moss-Baker, DCMHS - Substance Abuse

2019-2020 Award Recipient

Keith Klostermann

2008-2009 Award Recipient

Dr. Linda L. Barclay

2013-2014 Award Recipient

Dr. Ellen Carruth

2016-2017 Award Recipient

Dr. Robert Kronick

2020-2021 Award Recipient

Dr. Michelle Crossley

2011-2012 Award Recipient

Dr. Lisa Hooper

2014-2015 Award Recipient

Dr. Gary Gintner

2018-2019 Award Recipient

Dr. Thom Field

2021-2022 Award Recipient

Dr. Deirdra Sanders-Burnett