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Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak: What You Need to Know on Providing Tele-Mental Health Services

By Joel Miller posted 03-18-2020 16:37

During this unique time where your clients may not be able to seek your services in person due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have identified several resources for locating the laws, rules, and regulations for providing tele-mental health services.  We hope you find these regulations very helpful and informative for providing mental health services from a distance in the state you are licensed or in another state.

AMHCA Letter to Health Insurance Industry Associations

AMHCA Letter to The White House and the Department of Health and Human Services


Please see the link below that provides Federal information on tele-health using a FAQ format.

Tele-mental health is a rapidly changing field. This information is not intended to give any legal advice. When practicing tele-mental health services it is critically important to contact your own attorney, the health insurer and health plans that provide health coverage to your clients, and the state licensing board of both your location and the location of the client before providing tele-mental health services (unless you have already received specific guidance).  

We hope during this extraordinary period that states, health insurance companies, and health agencies will be incredibly flexible to allow clinical mental health counselors to receive recognition and reimbursement for providing distance- or remote-counseling treatments to your clients to assure good mental health and well-being.
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03-18-2020 21:10

This is excellent, Joel.  Many sincere thanks to you, Dr. Beeson, and the entire AMHCA staff for this discerning post.