What It’s Like to Go Through a Britney Spears Situation Without Being Famous

By Kathleen McCarthy posted 08-24-2021 16:52


“When ‘Berrak’ revealed to acquaintances she hadn’t slept in days, they told her not to drink so much coffee. When she told her family she was depressed, they told her she should just be happy and shouldn’t medicate herself to get through life. … Chronic doubt of this kind—being talked down to, brushed off, or otherwise invalidated—is familiar to many people with psychiatric conditions … The phenomenon took place on the national stage last week, when Britney Spears made a rare public statement about her court-ordered conservatorship, which is controlled by her father. … At a court hearing last Wednesday, she described the extent of the arrangement, including being put on lithium against her will and receiving a course of treatment and therapy she characterized as abusive.” (By Marion Renault, June 30, 2021)


            SOURCE: https://slate.com/technology/2021/06/britney-spears-psychiatry-mental-health-dismissed.html



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