Urgent Need for Grassroots this weekend to Include Counselors in Medicare

By Whitney Meyerhoeffer posted 05-08-2020 13:39


Submitted by @David Bergman

The House is developing its next COVID-19 relief package and counselors are urged to contact your Representative in support of including our Medicare legislation (H.R. 945) in it. Congress will be working through the weekend to decide what is going into the House legislation so time is of the essence.

As previously reported, AMHCA is working closely with our allied organizations from counseling, MFT, and behavioral health clinics to add our language to this upcoming COVID bill. Our sponsors, Representatives Thompson (D-CA) and Katko (R-NY), are fighting hard for inclusion, but we need grassroots advocacy to support the effort.

It is imperative that U.S. Representatives hear from counselor constituents about the importance of H.R. 945. We urge you to contact your Representative today and ask them to include our Medicare bill in the stimulus package.

Contact your Representative today! Use the link below to find your Representative with email and phone numbers:

Find my Representative

Sample message for call or email [please fill in bracketed sections]:

I am a mental health counselor from [city/state]. I urge Representative [___] to include H.R. 945 in the COVID-19 relief bill currently under development. This legislation authorizes licensed mental health counselors to provide mental health and addiction services to Medicare beneficiaries. Research shows the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to create a behavioral health crisis and there are not enough mental health professionals to meet the needs of the Medicare population. I urge Rep. [____] to increase the availability of behavioral health services by including H.R. 945 in the COVID-19 relief bill. Thank you for your consideration.



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