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Finding Resilience: The Mediation Effect of Sense of Community on the Psychological Well-Being of Military Spouses 

03-02-2017 13:25

By Mei-Chuan Wang, Pius N. Nyutu, Kimberly K. Tran and Angela Spears The goal of this study was to identify positive factors that increase the psychological well-being of military spouses in the areas of environmental mastery. We proposed that positive affect and social support from family and friends would have indirect effects on psychological well-being through their association with a greater sense of community with the military culture. Participants were 207 female spouses of active-duty service members. Data were analyzed using MEDIATE to test the mediational effect. Results indicated that social support from friends and positive affect did predict a sense of community, which in turn was associated with increased feelings of psychological well-being. The findings suggest that a perceived sense of military community helps military spouses gain a sense of mastery and control in a constantly changing environment.

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