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Home Study: Finding Inner Peace During Difficult Times with Self-Compassion Practices 

02-02-2021 12:51

**Previously Recorded on 1/26/2021 - Not a Live Event**

Finding Inner Peace During Difficult Times with Self-Compassion Practices

Self-compassion transforms lives! It is re-defined as the ability to care, to soothe and to comfort but also to strengthen when it is needed. It is revolutionizing self-care and emotional coping skills in psychology.  Self-Compassion is a new skill- building program to harness the power to cultivate inner strengths; to courageously attend to difficulties with understanding and kindness to empower the self and as a result find inner peace. Developing self-compassion is to acquire an attitude of goodwill towards the self and to be able to skillfully attend to the self when times are tough in order to resolve challenges.

Participants will learn that Self-Compassion is not sainthood, self-indulgence, narcissism or self-pity but a new way to relate to shame, anger, anxiety and distress by reconnecting with the self and others in order to ease pain and gain greater emotional strength, resilience and well-being. The practice of self-compassion can create dramatic changes for the better in all aspects. Mindful Self-Compassion teaches how to be aware in the present moment when difficult feelings arise (mindfulness) and how to bypass our negative thinking bias or default mode to respond more effectively.  During this experiential presentation participants will learn the core principles and practices of mindful self-compassion and acquire portable skills on how to cope with stressors in their professional and personal lives.

Learning Objectives:

1. Upon completion, participants will be able to describe the theory and research supporting self-compassion
2. Upon completion, participants will be able to understand the three key components of self-compassion
3. Upon completion, participants will be able to understand the misconceptions of self-compassion
4. Upon completion, participants will be able to learn up to three self-compassion practices for participants to use during difficult times
5. Upon completion, participants will be able to replace inner harsh critic with a more self-compassionate inner voice.


Coralis Solomon, PhD, LMHC, NCC

Dr. Coralis Solomon is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and an Assistant Professor for Troy University at the Tampa Bay site. Her doctoral studies were completed at the University of Central Florida in Counselor Education. Her dissertation research explored self-compassion and emotional resilience of minority teachers working in elementary schools. In her private practice, Dr. Solomon specializes in individuals who suffer from anxiety, trauma, and depression. Her commitment to the mental health counseling field goes beyond private practice as she is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker and a published author in peer reviewed journals in the area of mindful self-compassion and burnout prevention.



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