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Home Study: Trauma Linking to Suicide Ideation in K-12 Population 

04-06-2021 17:13

**Previously Recorded on 3/10/2021 - Not a Live Event**

Trauma Linking to Suicide Ideation in K-12 Population: How Can Counselors and Educators Address the Pain Experienced by Youth

Children or adolescents who witness or experience various traumas risk developing psychological and emotional damage. Psychological and emotional impairment hinders a young person’s progress academically, socially, and behaviorally. Due to many of these traumas children and adolescents endure, acting out in school, experimenting with drugs, inflicting violence toward themselves or others can be the onset of barriers faced in adulthood. Through this presentation, counselors, teachers, and other professionals working with individuals in K-12 grades will gain a stronger insight on how to identify various traumas that are linked to suicide and other maladaptive behaviors, and implement evidence based-practices to positively support this population.

1) Identify the common types of trauma young children experience and their link to trauma during adolescent years
2) Discover evidence based-practices to enhance skills/knowledge for working with children & adolescents
3) Identify how diverse population experiences trauma
4) Explore early warning signs for trauma and suicidal ideation & behavior

About the Presenters:

Tammy W Montgomery is an Associate Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and a doctoral candidate at Auburn University in the Counselor Education Department. Her research interest includes providing supportive resources for post released women and understand how they manage daily challenges and providing SEL training for classroom teachers. Tammy’s clinical experience includes working with diverse populations from ages 4 and older. She is an experienced educator and a Veteran of the US Army.

Darlene Lewis is a Professional School Counselor at Mattie T. Blount High School located in the Eight Mile community of Mobile, Alabama. She has served in the capacity of an elementary and middle school counselor prior to her current role as a freshmen school counselor.

Leah Kartovicky is a counselor educator doctoral candidate at Auburn University. She earned a master’s in clinical rehabilitation counseling from Auburn University. Leah’s clinical experience includes working with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Counseling Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services and the Auburn University Career Center.

Brittney Barnett is a Licensed Professional and National Certified Counselor pursuing PhD in Counselor Education at Auburn University. She has practiced utilizing cognitive behavioral and play therapy as both an agency and school counselor. Her areas of interests are habit formation and cessation, motivation, social connectedness and intimacy, and identity development.


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