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The Relationship Between Counseling, Social Support, and Depression in Mothers of Fragile Families 

10-18-2017 15:27

By Megan E. Delaney
Little is known about the treatment of depression in the mothers of fragile families. Data from three waves of the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing study (N = 3,003) were used to examine the effect of counseling and social support on depression in mothers in fragile families. The results, analyzed using logistic regression, indicate that mothers who received counseling are 1.46 times more likely to be depressed (OR = 1.458; CI = 1.027–2.068; p = .035), yet those with social support are 0.66 times less likely to be depressed in future years (OR = 0.0660; CI = 0.522–0.834; p = .001). Conclusions, implications for practice, limitations, and future research are discussed.
#Journal of Mental Health Counseling

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