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The Voice of William Glasser: Accessing the Continuing Evolution of Reality Therapy 

03-02-2017 13:17

By Robert E. Wubbolding On August 23, 2013, the voice of William Glasser, MD, became silent. His life was characterized by his mission of teaching the ever-evolving ideas originating in his work in corrections and mental health. He taught what he called “internal controls”: Although human beings are influenced by their environment and their previous relationships, they need not remain powerless and victimized by forces beyond their control or by their past history. Rather, they choose most of their current behaviors, especially their actions. Reality therapy is a system that counselors use to liberate clients and help them make realistic choices to more effectively satisfy their needs within their limitations. The evolution of reality therapy has covered not only its theoretical basis, choice theory, but more recently its links with mindfulness, neuroscience, and especially its formulation as the WDEP (Wants, Doing, Evaluation, Planning) system. A growing body of evidence illustrates the widespread use and multicultural effectiveness of Dr. Glasser’s legacy—reality therapy.

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