COVID-19 is already testing public health systems in countries around the world. It is putting severe stress on our health care system.

AMHCA has urged the federal government to take steps to address the mental health consequences of COVID-19 during the current crisis and beyond. We know during the SARS epidemic that many people expressed helplessness and their mental health had severely or moderately deteriorated because of the epidemic - and demonstrated posttraumatic stress symptoms. 

Clinical Mental Health Counselors are uniquely positioned to help address the behavioral health-related dimensions of health care crises. You can help clients find constructive ways to manage their anxiety, especially if these worries are adversely impacting work performance, relationships, and daily routines.
"Clinical mental health counselors are always working for the betterment of mental health and well-being – and the total health of individuals and employ leadership, advocacy, and collaborative skills to promote systemic changes for improved public health.  Never have you been needed more. You are all a treasured American resource." Read Joel Miller's Message