The American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) is the professional association dedicated to support the professional and academic endeavors of professional clinical mental health counselors, educators, and students-in-training.

Given the increasing demands for mental health services created by the pandemic and other major challenges nationwide and worldwide AMHCA needs to have active chapters in each state. The Pennsylvania Mental Health Counselors Association (PAMHCA) chapter represents us in Pennsylvania.

We would welcome you to join PAMHCA to support AMHCA’s mission and Pennsylvanian’s counseling needs. The chapter works to enhance the profession of clinical mental health counseling through advocacy, education, licensing, and professional development in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our chapter strives to protect, sustain, and advance the profession of clinical mental health counseling in the State of Pennsylvania using an ethical, evidence-base, and culturally respectful approach that promotes the exchange of professional information by means of meetings and professional materials. Continuing education opportunities are also available through conferences, workshops, and other means that assist clinical mental health counselors in updating and enhancing their competencies. Our chapter values collaboration and promotes positive relations with other professional organizations for effective advocacy for mental health issues.

In the academic community it is of course important for faculty and students to support the AMHCA local chapters. Joining PAMHCA is an effective way to demonstrate counseling identity and to associate themselves early in their careers with their state chapter.  

Joining PAMHCA will help outline our professional future and provide a voice for decisions that may directly impact our profession.